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Design secrets of creating a Must-Have Living Room

The Living Room : Before you buy something for a room redo, consider some design principles, how to make your look. This advice, simple but good work today or the settings of transitional measures. As a real estate agent and a columnist on stage for the luxury home market in Naples, Florida and Westchester County, New York, I experienced little decorative home run and many decorating disasters. My first suggestion is to delay your project, and some of the basics to help you design your new living room can tell when you consider wow!

Balance. Furniture, accessories, art and natural light all starts from a certain height, texture, tone and weight. Too many large pieces of furniture can be intimidating in a room. Low ceilings furniture can increase visually. Over-graphics space or quiet to dominate. Naturally textured fabrics and garments can soften a cool room.

Scale. Consider the height sitting on benches and chairs. Different heights can be chaos, or a break room Matchy create Matchy. Large upholstered sofa on, can not be combined with chairs petite side. And the views of the Ottomans, who had grown and could easily become an island in the middle of a room.

Share. Consider the average height of people that attend the use of a room. If your family several children, perhaps difficult to navigate, with deep sofas seating. Works of art and accessories to achieve the same size groups of photos that need to be coherent and not randomly floating on the wall. Accessories should be placed in odd numbers.

Rooms flow. Room, you should invite visual. Try removing seats from the inputs back. If necessary, create a table from behind the barrier to decrease. If in a room, put lighter items on the scale and dark objects in the middle.

The feet of furniture, removed or suspended? If you have beautiful carpets, exposed their legs on the sofas and tables can with a unique model in the field to help. Smaller rooms have exposed legs and continues to move his eyes. Skirted sofas and armchairs in a land monitor room, but the weight room more visual, as you might think.

Textiles and clothing. Just go to models of heavy traffic on big ticket items, such as banks, for example. Use Pattern pillows add to zip. Companion agents can help to unify a space, especially when a mix of old and new pieces. Stripes can go with flowers, but proceed with caution and the advice of a friend or a half a designer before sending documents to a new roof.

Symmetry. If you are looking for a more formal, some chairs, lamps, vases and placed symmetrically leads to a structured environment.

Rooms flow. Banks see the best parallel or perpendicular to the walls. Float designer furniture away from walls in groups of a "look" of today.


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