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Assisted Living FAQ - Questions to ask Assisted Living Services

The Living Room : The assisted living facility offers a mix of safety and independent living, privacy and companionship and physical wellbeing. Assisted living communities in Ohio must be licensed by the state, including residential care and providing medical care described as management or supervision of medication diet. There are limits to the amount of the qualified residents can get help in a licensed assisted living community. Below are lists of questions and the administration of the study assisted living facilities. It is not necessarily right or wrong answer, but it is important to a facility that would meet your needs to find.

About the organization

Is the environment of comfort?

As the Assisted Living community have a written description of its services and rates?

It will be a contract of admission must be used? If so, the acquisition agreement that describes all services (accommodation, meals, counseling, personal care, etc.) and the prices?

It is the community trying to maintain the autonomy and independence from the residents?

If the assisted living community to a preliminary assessment of the types of services to the needs of the residents? Have family members or caregivers in connection with this assessment?

If the community to a service plan for each new occupant?

There is a servant of the visits by a home health nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, etc. coordinate, if necessary?

If the community helps to explain the life of the inhabitants of the rights and responsibilities? Request a copy of the rights and responsibilities of the information.

There is a formal process for handling complaints from residents?

The company is a consultant? A resident of the Council is meeting regularly to discuss care and services and ways to improve it. If a resident of the Council ", as they often are the meetings? How management works with the suggestions of the board of residents, families and residents?

There are different costs for different levels or categories of services?

Do billing, payment and credit policies are fair and reasonable?

There are many public, private or corporate programs available to help cover the cost of services for the residents?

Residents are required to close for tenants personal property in their rooms?

Surveillance 24 hours or getting help if needed?

Related to health care and qualified staff available for residents if needed?

If the residence of specific policies regarding storage of medication, assistance with medications, training and supervision of staff and record keeping?

Self-administration of medication allowed?

The staff is available to assist residents who experience memory, orientation, or loss process?

What happens if the resident needs skilled nursing care on a temporary basis and at what cost?

The changing needs of the occupant, as the decision whether he or she will continue living in assisted living community?

We offer other services, including skilled nursing, memory care or rehabilitation for the site?

Physical characteristics of the dwelling and the installation

The community is well designed for your needs?

Is the plan easy to follow?

Are doors, passageways and rooms that can accommodate wheelchairs and walkers?

Lifts are available for those unable to use the stairs?

Handrails are available to help run?

Cabinets and shelves are easily accessible?

The floors are made of a material non-agricultural, non-slip mats for walking?

Does the residence of a good natural and artificial light?

Is the house clean, free of odors and appropriately heated / cooled?

Are units for single or double occupancy available?

Residents have their door with a lock?

Is a 24-hour emergency assistance available from the unit?

Private bath and designed for wheelchair users and walkers fit?

Residents may submit their furniture specifically for your phone to bring? What could cause this? What is expected?

Not all units are equipped with telephone and television cable or satellite? How is the billing?

And a kitchenette with refrigerator, sink, and bake element?

Residents can smoke in the unit? In the public space?

Residents can decorate their units of staff?

If the home to provide cleaning services for residents in units?

Residents can arrange transportation in a relatively short time?

Are pharmacy, barber / beautician and / or physiotherapy on the site?

If the stay to provide transportation to doctors offices, "the hairdresser, shopping and other activities desired by residents?

Not resident sprinklers and exits clear?

Is the house as a security means a resident walking?

Social and recreational activities

There is no evidence of organized activities, such as an envoy daily program, current events, reading material, visitors, etc.?

Residents participate in activities outside the home in nearby communities?

Is the house your own pets?

Pets are welcome residents in the house? Who is responsible for his care?

The volunteers, including members of the family, enter the residence of the support or conduct programs?

If the residence create a sense of community, encouraging residents to participate?

You can participate in religious services?

Food Service

Do dining room menus vary from day to day and meal to eat?

If the dwelling three meals a day, seven days a week?

Snacks are available?

Can a resident request special foods, stay and is suitable for special dietary needs?

Are common dining areas available?

Can meals for the residents in their units?

Meals can be provided when a resident would like or are there set times for meals?


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