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Living ideas for decorating and photos

Pictures of living and design ideas
Living is the first room guests to see. It is also the fourth most people spent their time relaxing. Therefore it is important to plan well before decorating the living room. Some points to consider:

First The creation of an enabling environment
First you must decide whether your living room into a formal or contemporary style or country or you want your living room into a heaven of pure comfort and entertainment. I posted some of my photos (at the end of this article) of the theaters around the world. If you are the photos you can see the different types of atmospheres created by the living spaces.

Second Creative Use of Space
Creative Use of Space is a skill. Rather than give you a lecture about how to be creative with the space, please go through my photos living room. I also have some external links where you can see the different types of rooms and can be taken inspiration from them.

Third Select the desired color
Lighter colors recommended for living rooms looks more refreshing. The darker colors give a sophisticated look for the living room, so ill-suited for a life.

4th Sofas and seats
Size of bed you need depends on the size of the family. For each person in the family is required to have two seats so that everyone can sit back and relax in the living room and not in a cinema. If you choose to children or pets on a sofa, a robust material and elegant. Some people associate living and dining room. There are also versions are combined in the kitchen and living room space reasons. There are also creative ways to do it. Some people add accent chairs living room, these chairs offer a stylistic counterpoint to his couch.

5th Tables
You can type table that your guests will want a place to put down the drinks, magazines, coffee and snacks to consider. A coffee table is a traditional choice. Depending on the type of atmosphere you want in the room, there are several versions bedside table.

6th Wall Decor
No one, however, the bare walls. There are several ways to decorate their walls. Painting, picture frame or wall art that various options are available.

Living room design
the following pictures are taken from the living rooms of the luxury villas around the world (especially Europe). Each of these is developed by experts in the field. These pictures give you some good ideas, such as your living room with the available budget and space design. If you disagree with these ideas are not satisfied, there is also a video link to life-like images of rooms in houses Ordinary People. If you are not satisfied, I have a few external links to the living room design ideas and pictures, thousands of them.