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Living Room Organization

The Living Room : When I think of a living room, two things that come to mind immediately: the entertainment and guests.

Entertainment is an essential part of a residence permit because of the television, DVD players, set-top box or digital stereo. In most of the houses of these devices exist, and we want to hear as television, movies or music to entertain. Also, your guests will be in your chair most of the time sitting on their visit, because it is one of the best (next to the kitchen), a talk and have a great time. Then, the formation, which can also be part of your stay - at least it is a part of me. I love reading and I found room for one of the best places for this activity.

Keep it simple

The space ideal of life is very simple, but functional. Benches and chairs were so it is easy for guests to discuss with them and have a good time. TV, DVD player, set-top box or digital stereo if achieve this easy to use and see.

Remove the extra material

I try to keep all the CDs or DVDs away from tables. At one point I had a special shelf for their conservation, but today) in a drawer (in my TV stand. This is where I am after use as quickly as possible.

I want to keep my desk free of anything extra. I have the books, reports and magazines there are, but I realized that her place elsewhere. Putting a shelf of books and magazines in a magazine rack. If you have a CD, try a reservoir for storage of CD's easy to get. Of course, you may want to ensure that cover the CDs in the first. In this way, does not collect dust, and stay in good condition much longer. You might also want a box of CDs, which then lies in a drawer somewhere, or buy out of sight.

Sometimes the old family furniture, a good thing when it comes to the organization of your stay. It is a very old box in a corner of the room, which serves not only as decoration but also as a repository for the games.

(To read in the living room like me, you) a basket for magazines or books in the works want. Put them after each session of reading.

I remember his goal

I try to live like a. That means, for example, provides that, if you're hungry, try to eat in the kitchen, instead of the stay. Not only the risk of eating disorders, but also the opportunity to leave the dirty dishes there.

Show only the essential

You try to keep all photos of family and all other goods memorable visible. Whether only the most important prizes I've won in your sport or hobby of your best pictures of God's children, try this option means that most of you. This is how I stay organized and help me enjoy the pictures and memories even more.


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