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Tips and Guide for Living Room Storage

The-Living-RoomThe Living Room : Here're some tips and guidance to the storage room. Since this room with some activities from the room to entertain a room of a family gathering, it is the activities that usually take place simultaneously. The intention to preserve the space neat and organized, Intelligent storage. But how?


Firstly, consider the room and look with fresh eyes and perhaps critical. Note storage solutions already exist, you and decide whether they are suitable. If not, do not make the right kind of storage? You need more of the same, variations on the theme or something other?

To help you decide, make a list of all the activities taking place in space, both common and less frequent. Then think of what to Accessories and equipment for such activities. Now, we must consider what you want to see and what to keep hidden. Some people, for example, adhere to sound and television system as part of the hidden minimalist theme, others are permanently displayed.

Mix and match storage

Responding to various activities, you need more than one type of storage facilities - from open shelves or cabinets with drawers covered, or see three areas. Consider also storage requirements can be performed by the pick-up-and-go variety, such as crates and boxes. The only way to put this all on a consolidated basis construct a multi-purpose storage room closet that runs along the sea wall, with open shelves above and below cabinets. You can store your entire library of books on open shelves, but can hide wine storage cabinets, printers, stationery, DVDs, games and toys.

It is also well to keep an open mind on different types of storage furniture designed to find stylish, modern rooms with multi-user account. For example, sofa upholstery, with that being hinged on the top open for storage.

Instead of the table at the end of the sofa effects, try chests lacquered antique or old cabin, which can be both decorative and increase storage space for detailed questions. I mentioned this to reflect on the point that you should have a flexible approach and use the solutions that meet your needs.

Adequate storage

Storage must be practical and desirable to consider closely the style and size of the room. This is particularly important to the living room, as if the flavor of your lifestyle and your guests are at birth.

Once the assessment and resolution of storage room, he must work with other furniture in the room and complete. So, for example, will looks, the number of shelves on one side of the room is better when balanced on the other furniture in bulk "" visual. If you have difficulty realizing that I would suggest that you ask help from a professional.

You must also consider the size of the room. For large room once, you might consider sharing space with Compass that doubles up as storage. Division one with scale, but also with a sense of warmth to pócaí of internal living space. Friendly Room-storage section of the bill easily.

As a small room, taking a CUE from designers and living room furniture pieces used to have the illusion of more room. Be bold and think about changing the total storage wall. This provides not only all home to your desired room activities, but the magic leaves the other room without the mess and feel great.


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