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Assisted Living homes are not nursing homes

The Living Room : In life was once only for the elderly in hospitals or nursing. The Sixties, sick and lame end to the high life in hospital beds and the atmosphere was not pleasant. But in the 1990s to the practical life and to define, marked a new life for them to respect and achieve a social responsibility to the nation opened in Assisted Living. Assisted Living shows a life with the help of one or more persons as members of the family, nursing, etc. Even if the concept of nursing homes were older, Assisted Living has been designed with the same objective, but different objectives.

Assisted Living at home was the result of such implementations. The nursing homes that medical facilities and doctors were available to treat the disease, including infectious diseases. But Assisted Living Home is missing in these medical facilities, they argue that for minor illnesses and manage a nearby hospital for other needs. However, the lack of nursing care and love that we live in the house in the community. The houses were comforted Assisted Living, has developed the disease. The rooms have single rooms, a kitchen and a toilet. For people who want to live independently, was the construction of luxury apartments. The inhabitants had either a community or survival of individual voting. The lack of privacy and home residents nursing rooms share. The cost of assisted living services varies according to desired services, facilities and medicines, but it is less expensive than nursing homes.

The staff had to complete their certification before work and is well equipped with the ability to support individual residents. The staff takes a turn for the benefit of residents and cause a variety of tasks such as laundry, housekeeping, cleaning, cooking meals, etc. Also in the assisted living home is included, physiotherapy, exercises and additional activities to inject energy into the residents. Regular meetings for all residents, both collective and individual survivors, are also included. And even therapy dogs are available to cure patients suffering from mental illness and provide environmentally friendly. In nursing homes, so that the facility employees 24 hours medical, assisted living at home and medical care by a third party who will be a bad decision, she has managed to stay in bed. They require skilled nursing care on a daily basis. But sometimes, even nursing homes are understaffed and the work that can sometimes lead to avoid the patient.

Nursing homes are different for different diseases, including Alzheimer's, mental health, etc. Assisted Living homes are governed by government regulations, and they vary from state to state, and some rules to give a Alzheimer's patients must still be made. While Medicaid, the government for low-income families by Home Assisted Living is not accepted, but the nursing home to this title.


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