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Tips and advice for Living Room Storage

The Living Room : Here are some tips and guidelines for conservation. Since there is a chat room with lots of activities, from a room in a place for family reunions, have each activity is usually done during registration. The secret to keeping this room clean and organized, whether intelligent archiving. But how?


Preliminary assessment of the area and see with a fresh look and potentially critical. Note: The existing storage solutions that you have and decide whether it is adequate. If not, do not put the right kind of space? Do you need more of the same, variations on a theme or something else?

To help you decide that a list of all space activities, both common and less frequent. So you think, require that these activities and equipment. Now you need to think about what you want to see and something to hide. Some people remain in shelters, such as audio and TV system as a part of the minimalist, while others, such as those permanently.

Mix and match storage

To do different activities, there will probably be more than one type of conservation - must come from the shelves and open drawers, closets or hidden or with see through fronts. Note also the requirements for the storage of pick-up can be worn-and-go variety, such as baskets and boxes. One way, everything will be taken into a consolidated view that a multi-functional storage space that runs along one wall with large open shelves above and below, wall cupboards. You can save the entire library of books on open shelves, while the wine bar cabinets, printers, office supplies, DVDs, games and toys to hide.

It 'also good to keep an open mind to find the different types of storage cleverly designed for modern living in mind with multifunctional use. For example, ottoman with cushion hinge that allows the upper floor opens.

Instead of a table at the end of a sofa, try antique chest of drawers or trunks painted old hut, which can be both decorative and increases the scope for minor matters. I did this to the point that you must have a flexible approach, and use to illustrate all the solutions to your needs.

Suitable storage

Storage, to be practical and attractive, you should carefully consider the nature and amount of space. This is particularly important for the stay, because that is where your taste and lifestyle should be evaluated by your guests.

Living In assessing the storage solution that will complement the work and other parts of furniture of the room. So, for example, the appearance of a shelf on one side of the room is better when balanced on the side of the furniture is equal to "loose implementation" visually. If you experience problems, I suggest you seek professional help.

It is also necessary that the size of the room. For a large space, you might consider breaking the room with a septum, which doubles as storage. Services not only add another layer, but also a feeling of warmth in the pockets of the area of domestic life. Double-storage dividend fits the bill with ease.

As a small room, takes his cue from the designers and the application of large pieces of living room furniture to give the illusion of greater space. Be brave and think about the transformation of an entire wall of storage. This not only provides a home for everything you need for your business to stay, without confusion, but somehow magically the rest of the space and the feeling of spaciousness.


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