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The Ultimate Guy Living Room

The Living Room : While generalization is something we do not, in most cases it should be fair to say more, please, if not all, of a genre in our project space. The guy is an absolute last class, style and technology. Most men do not want without a big screen TV on game days, and do not want to have a draft no room for a table for your snacks. This article reviews the last room guy.

Why wait, let's start with the most important part of any room of people, television is not only to do a television set for the man in the living room, so we have some parameters. The TV in the living at least 50 centimeters wide and flat like a wall. Think LCD or plasma, or both! This project is space for more serious fan

A common complaint among men breaking ability is very mobile, so that our room is equipped with a large industrial steel table. If you have any problems with the best living representation of this element, you think of a warehouse or factory in the industrial era, and think of the heavy frames that were used in order to work. In our room we would take a table in front of the factory, and nothing for him, but to clean the dust from it.

When the man in the lounge, a plethora of ultra-comfortable sofas. Each one was a sofa in a dark color, so no problems in the paint, and reinforced with steel nail coverage for periods during which the bank about how to wash laundry in one cycle rotation pitched.

Finally, the best rooms with shelves made of wood, cloth and an open gallery, which has helped the male of the surrounding area are filled. Books must be connected in order to be kept in the vicinity, as they would in the perspective on the shelves, and modern art would be, but not overdone.

For those who want to face the last room, you follow the plan above and enjoy. There are many people who come and congratulate you on the coolness of your room. To interpret this done as a pat on the back of a room design, good.


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