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Love redesign your living room for change and Discover Your Stuff You Again

Living-Room-DecorThe Living Room : Rearrange your living room into something new and exciting through the creative use of furniture and home decor that you already own.

Always look around your living space and I think we should make a change? We all feel like that sometimes, especially after the holidays when the decorations come down, the end of the summer and winter is upon us.

The best way to redesign your room is bright as a lot of debris in the room as possible. Leave the heavy things you know stay.

Identify the focal point of the room. The focal point of a room is usually the first to focus on the lobby. This could be a fireplace, a spectacular view from the window or vintage.

After establishing a focal point, start with the basics, starting with the seating arrangements and place around this focal point.

Be open to new possibilities,

Outdoor away from the walls and try to put the furniture in the corners.

Create a group intimate conversation, the decomposition of the series. Separate seat on the couch of love or the president to divide the rooms in length.

Set your anchor and be with the carpet, and maybe try to put the carpet in different angles, such as furniture.

Next offer its banks and newly organized conversation groups with tables that are easily accessible to a drink or a book, find a balance between their upholstered pieces for the room does not become "leggy."

Lighting is an important factor to remember when redesigning your living room. It is an easy way to create an atmosphere in the lounge with a combination of general education (the ceiling and wall lights), (desk) lamps and accent lighting.

Evenly around the room to not have dark corners. You can always choose the light source is turned on.

Some of its properties gathered during years of work and can look great, but try using a different form, or in other rooms. You will earn more and enjoy them optimize their use.

The final table could serve as a small tea table in front of a sofa,

or use a chair to a desk, a couch to be used as an office.

Place two accent chairs around a round table for a game of chess or a cup of tea.

Rotation of furniture and accessories you have other pieces in the room, editing everything that is not "go."

Rearrange your living room layered with accessories and details in the decoration of your house to the look you want is reached, the expression of unique personality.

Instead of spreading their accessories in the room, the group members that have a common denominator, like all money, all vessels, or all the images together in an odd number to show more spectacular and cohesion.

When finished, leave the room for a second, then return and enjoy their work.

Remove any object that appears to "jump" of you, because it usually means that you are not in harmony and the desire to divert attention from the rest of the room.


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