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Room Decorating No No's

The Living Room : Unlimited possibilities of the institution when it comes to cleaning a room, but there are some things only to the living room. Our list of room decor, no, no, it is not long, however, should consider themselves decorate with life in general. The more these standards are met, the more you save the ridiculous and, of course, bad design karma.

We all know that you and your family have many pictures to prove it, but keep some in the album. Decoration In fact, in the top of the room there is no list of family photos. Although one might think that Bobby looks cute little two years the average age in the bathtub naked, while others think it strange to himself, and Bobby made can be embarrassed by this picture. It is examples like these, who needs a minimum of decoration lounge show something in terms of family photos. If you have more than a dozen in the room, it is time to consider whether a part of this room decor will be, no, no.

Too modern, is just stupid. If you have a taste for the exotic, the exotic, you see the basic balance, creating a pleasant atmosphere. We do not feel that every time a space shuttle to come into your living room, if you like modern furniture to decorate the living room, no, not for you. Make sure you limit to a maximum of modern furniture, 75% of the commitment of the room. This means that the need for the 3 pieces of modern furniture, at least 1 piece of essential furniture, modern, not look at the balance sheet.

Looking for a bar fight, otherwise you can lounge, a pub. One of the common room, no, no decoration of the saloon as the nature of some of the room and tried to get the full pleasure. Although it could be a target and a good pool table must begin with the beer taps, teak and bars are required to install game. This can lead to a large cellar, as something that you value your living room, you do not want to disturb, as the invitation. Indeed, a pub in a pub, the inevitable development of the living, those who can not be trained in the art, not the furniture to break, to win.


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