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Introduced Outdoor Living Rooms and explains

The Living Room : Take a garden as an outdoor space is nothing new for the developers of the garden. The concept is that right now makes its way into public consciousness. But what are the rooms in the great outdoors? Are places where you try to relive the inside of the doors? No, not quite. Are places like your deck, patio or terrace where you can only hope plop a set of furniture that you want to spend time outdoors will be? No, it will not. An area is an outdoor living space outside the home, with appropriate material for outdoors where you really want to distribute it's time to build! It is also a mindset that the idea of living life in the outdoors.

First, let's discuss: What is a room? In essence, a closed room. There are no walls, ceiling and flooring, some windows and doors of a couple. Although it is your house, an open space where there are one or two large rooms, but as a series of smaller rooms, there are areas in spaces of large dimensions, which is partially enclosed, outside walls, but with decorative elements such as display potted plants, or libraries. The sense of closure, it is protected as a cozy dining room sets, there are other things that bring a sense of comfort, but they are secondary to the original significance of the case.

Now to your state of mind: stop separating outside your home in your house, try thinking about your property, all in one place. Take a look at your seat in the open, you try to do in your garden and inventory what we have, of course, in this room. What Mother Nature has already provided to you free? We hope you get a kind of natural elements that can act as a focal point for your new outdoor living room, a large tree, a fence, a beautiful course, or a beautiful sight. In urban areas, the yard could be a rectangle gold, with nothing inside but some dirt and weeds, but it can also add other features that you may begin when a charming corner of the morning sun, perhaps a nice brick wall on one side that the creation of a microclimate or even an interesting insight into the urban area of approx.

Spending time outdoors and find exactly what feels best for you. Bring a chair outside and sit in different places until you get a feel for the right place. Then you have to ask, can this place be transformed into an outdoor living room? You want it visually in your house? There are internal elements of the home, can you repeat that? How do you connect to your new outdoor living physically in your house? How do you get in your house? There must be an easier way to go from inside to the outside and back inside. I can not stress enough that this aspect of the design. Seamless transition between inside and it's like you feel in your outdoor living room is really just another room in the house, the extension of your home.

If you are at your new place to place in open air lounge and those with small yards do not have a choice, you can use to create the walls, "" plan ", and even work a" tag. "On your project, landscape design! Council, you can fight through a garden designer at this point, a great books, the materials used in landscaping and how to use them to understand privacy and construction needs for beauty.

As soon as the word "usually a wooden or a stone, brick or a patio or balcony, and some concrete walls," "usually, a formal hedge, fence, resolved a wall or fence and may have been a" cap "attached to a sloping roof or awning or retractable sunshade that house mad, you can set up your new outdoor living room. Imagine a sort of heat source, such as a fireplace or gas fireplace, fireplace, terrace or portable stoves to give you the new "space" for the entire years.

Furniture such as benches and tables can be made to say, concrete is poured into a feeling of true learning, or get a variety of sources. Many manufacturers offer new opportunities for furniture and lighting designed specifically for outdoor use, and far better choices than ever for hard tissue, but nice for outdoor furniture, pillows, cushions, carpets and paint. Nearly everything we can as a way to make your stay more comfortable in the outdoors is available for immediate purchase online and offline dream.


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