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Living Room Style

style-living-roomThe Living Room : Lounge now has many features to meet - the place to relax before television, reading quietly enjoy, study and play with children. The living room should also reduce and sanctuary from the stress of the workday. As with any room in your house is your chance to make a personal statement and express their independent thought and emotion. It must be flexible, personal and comfortable.

* Furniture - Are you sitting comfortably?

When you buy a couch sitting in armchairs and sofas for full text. Want a few years, wear them to ensure they are comfortable for you. Keep in mind that even with three or four seats, sofa sometimes can not actually seats two people. Few people have a board of piggy bank Wednesday. When checking the sofas in the shop to find the height of the seat and backrest to ensure that they are high enough for you.

* Fireplace

Each room has a focal point. This is particularly true in the living room. The central point is the point in space around which the other is all based. Is usually a fireplace, a window or cabinet. The contact may not be central. For example, if you have large windows in the garden, you want to organize a furniture around so that the addition would be a clear passage to the door, we sit around the family and friends can sit and talk in quiet moments I admire your perfectly adapted lawn and beds of flowers!


Your choice of decoration, and in other parts of the house, could be influenced by the natural light the room. Work is the meaning of your face and use the lounge as a guide. Logically it should be darker room brighter and warm decor to be. Or freedom, if the room is bright, airy and large, have much higher with the color of your choice.

The ornament, the combination of different shades of a color is the best way to create a good harmony of color. The colors of yellow-orange-red spectrum looks hot. The stronger the more it seems likely advance and reduce the space and the "warm" mode. The red is very strong in color and beauty salon. The colors of the Earth, including gold green or brown are great together, and welcomes the color scheme for the living room. Purple, blue, green, blue and black seem to move away and create a feeling of space.

* Floors

If you decide to floors in the living room will be very difficult to bear. Contrary to the kitchen, bathroom and corridor is an area where they have a sweetness beneath our feet is a necessity. If you choose carpet, there are many colors and styles, including a selection of wool, velvet Shag twisted linen, cotton, nylon or hair. Consider the amount of wear must endure. Take a sample home to see how style and color will work. I do not want to save the earth, which will help your carpet stay in shape. Spot treatment of inhibition does not prevent death, but should facilitate the removal of all stains.

If you choose hardwood floors, floor, or even a great carpet lining around the central point, where people sit, is a good idea. Some types of natural flooring such as sisal and the choir can be very serious, if not the best choice for the show. Other natural hedges such as rugs, sea grass, which is soft and comfortable.


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