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Tips and tricks for your small living room

The Living Room : The living room is room to rest. This is the place to relax and fill your free time. Living room is not a problem provided you can keep the family comfortable.

If you have room, small, here are some tips and ideas to make it appear Appeal.

First, you should use bright colors to give a large scale, and show visually. Bright colors can be applied in space, such as walls, floor or ceiling. Do not use dark colors because it suggests that the suppression. Dark is only effective when applied in a small area or be used as an accent.

Second, set the focus only at the point in this document. Make of your favorite furniture with a power center. Maybe the antique table, or vase, or sculpture in the lobby. In a small room accents too will make the room feel narrow, enough distraction.

Thirdly furniture in the room, children should wear practical multifunctional, and mobile. This will be the flexibility in the living room. Allow large and heavy items out to get the sheet composition. And remember, you only have a small space to store many things in the room.

Fourth, a good plan for storage because it can save space. Use all corners effectively, as the use of space between cabinet and ceiling. You can extend the deadline for the cabinet shop to be integrated.

Fifth, try to partition and replaced it with strong laindéal transparent. Can be transparent glass or acrylic to give it the great and glamorous atmosphere.

Sixth, the use of small models or wallpapers interior fabric instead of children, because the models can also give a significant impact. Model that can help bring together the atmosphere.


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